The old body of the All India Train Controllers Association (AITCA) has been revived many-a-times in the past. Every time, when the Pay Commission was announced, an attempt to gather the pieces of AITCA was done and every time a Memorandum of Demands was submitted to the concerned Pay Commission and once the Pay Commission declared its report, AITCA National Body was winded up. The last attempt to revive the Association was done in the Mumbai (BB) Div of Central Railway (CR).
INCIDENT OF 1997 (Click to Read in Detail)
The year was 1997; an incident in the Mumbai (BB) Division of Central Railway (CR) triggered the revival of AITCA.
Dy CHC (P) Shri Chakoo of BB DIV of CR working in 0-8 shift was given a frivolous order by a drunken Sr DCM BB. After politely quoting his inability to do so himself, Mr. Chakoo said he shall advice the Commercial Controller for the same. This resulted in a Transfer Order for Mr Chakoo to the CR HQ.
Mr. Anil Bharda, new to the cadre, annoyed by this, approached the Office Bearers of old AITCA, only to return disappointed. Mr. Bharda, then called for a meeting and formed the Divisional Body of AITCA, BB Division. He was elected as Secretary General.
REORGANIZATION OF ZONAL BODY, CR - 1999 (Click to Read in Detail)
Along with the support of many-a-colleagues of Mr. Anil Bharda from the BB Division, he formed Divisional bodies across almost all divisions of Central Railway. All of this happened against rife opposition from the Old office Bearers of AITCA. Impressed by AITCA’s developments in various divisions of CR, Mr. Rajesh Singh from Varanasi (BSB) Division of North Eastern Railway (NER) formed a divisional body in his own division. Subsequently, in a Zonal Meeting called Bhusawal (BSB) Division of CR, the Zonal Body was reorganized and Mr. Anil Bharda was elected as General Secretary, Zonal Body, CR, unanimously by all members. Mr. Rajendra Singh, CHC Jhansi (JHS) was elected as Zonal President.
REVIVAL IN WESTERN RAILWAY - 2000 (Click to Read in Detail)
With the need to revive AITCA nationally, Mr. Anil Bharda and his colleagues from BB Division met with controllers of Mumbai Central (BCT) Division of Western Railway (WR) and convinced them, the need to revive AITCA. Accordingly, various divisions of WR were toured and a Zonal Body was formed at Ratlam (RTM).
THE SOUTHERN TOUR - 2000 (Click to Read in Detail)
With an aim to revive AITCA in Southern India, Mr. Anil Bharda along with his colleagues from BB Division and their families embarked on a tour to various divisions of Southern India. They met various controllers from divisions across two major Southern zones and were quite successful in spreading the message of AITCA in Southern India.
AITCA GOES NATIONAL - 2001/2002 (Click to Read in Detail)
After garnering just enough support, an Annual General Meeting was called at Jhansi (JHS) in September, 2001. The 1st National Body of AITCA was formed wherein Mr. Rajendra Singh from JHS were elected as President, Mr. Anil Bharda as Secretary General and Mr. Chandan Chaturvedee from BCT as Secretary Finance. A Constitution was drafted by newly elected Secretary General and AITCA was registered.
Mr. Bharda also toured East India in 2002 to far away divisions like New Alipuduar (NAQ), New Tinsukhia (TSK), etc and was successful in garnering a lot of support for AITCA.
EFFORTS TOWARDS STRENGHTENING - 2003/2004 (Click to Read in Detail)
Continuous Efforts were made by Mr. Anil Bharda to unify Delhi under AITCA but to no avail. Meetings, visits did not yield much. Meanwhile, National Executive Committee meetings were held on a regular basis in various locations across India to strengthen the Association and reorganize, whenever necessary. Efforts to boost the Eastern Sector were also made and an AGM was held at Patna for the same.
THE NATIONAL APPROACH - 2005 (Click to Read in Detail)
AITCA National Body took the next big step and started communicating with Railway Board, Minister of Railways & both the Federations. Various meetings were held at very senior levels and memorandums were submitted to successive Railway Ministers. This was the time when, a series of path breaking meetings were held with Chairman, Sixth Pay Commission, the Federations and AITCA.
VICTIMIZATION - 2005/2006 (Click to Read in Detail)
Mr. Anil Bharda was victimized by Sr. DOM, BB for his active participation in AITCA activities. He was caught in a moral-health situation wherein he was forced to take up a duty he medically was unfit for. This led him to take a VRS from Railways but he did not stop his activities of AITCA.
MASS CASUAL LEAVE - 2007/2008 (Click to Read in Detail)
The Report of the Sixth Pay Commission yielded nothing but disappointment. The Association started breaking up and was almost to suffer the fate its earlier Associations have suffered. But thanks to AITCA Office Bearers and their passion to keep the Association alive, come what may, the Association lived on.
A Nationwide Mass Casual Leave Program was planned on 1st May, 2008. This program was strengthened by Mr. Bharda and Mr. Singh’s Nation-wide visits. It turned a lot of heads and Labour Commissioner had to intervene. Although the Program did not happen, the threat alone showed the Federations and the Administration that AITCA is a force to reckon with.
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