AITCA – LET’S BE FRIENDS!  sau Hai să fim prieteni!


We are a group of people with multiple skills, open minded and very determined to make a positive change. Parents, young people willing to help to discover what the autistic spectrum means and the possibilities to remedy some behavioral issues and to help acquire some skills and know-how abilities connected to the surrounding reality but adapted to each child. We are psychologists, parents and interested individuals in the needs of anxious children, not only teachers, instructors, nutritionists, doctors willing to help. We are a team and we are trying to do everything in our power to help our fellow citizen. It's important to be open and volunteer.
The Association has been active since 2017

  • Who are the volunteers in our team?
  • Students, teachers and parents
  • Among the contributors are:
  • Constantin Bratescu National Pedagogical College from Constanta;
  • County School Inspectorate Constanta
  • Didactic Corp House
  • MK Airbase
  • SPAS Constanta
  • US Embassy
  • Kindergarten in Constanta

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The volunteer action on July 28th , 2017 aimed to organize the birthday of an 11-year-old orphan child at the Benjamin House orphanage in Mihail Kogalniceanu. Our partners were US Marine Corps and JVB officials from the US Army.

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On December 8th  2017 and December 6th 2018 AITCA - Let's be friends! has organized together with volunteers from the National Pedagogical College Constantin Bratescu an awareness event on Autism.
Three creative centers, facepainting, Christmas greeting cards and origami ornaments were organized, decorations and flashmob.
This events were attended by over 40 volunteers and 80 college students, from primary to high school.

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AITCA Association - Let's be friends in collaboration with CCD Constanta organized in February 2018 a training course for 21 teachers from Constantin Bratescu National Pedagogical College in order to inform, put in practice, methods and strategies of curricular adaptation for children with special needs.
The course was coordinated by C.C.D. Marina Balaban, field practitioner, psychologist and facilitator teacher, Coordinator of the C.J.R.A.E. The course was entirely sponsored by  AITCA Association - Let's be friends!